NE1 Takeaway Guide

I need to impart this knowledge to other students of Newcastle while I leave this beautiful city. The above image was taken at Tynemouth Market and that £1 croissant was amazing – soft and delicious. But I’m here to talk about takeaways – students’ best mate when you don’t want to leave your room, cook […]

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Newcastle River Escapes

Been here for three years and this only came to my attention very recently. And this was a perfect one to bring my mum on it as a nice little birthday gift! She likes experiences and memories more than items – love this. River Escape was truly beautiful and calming. We went for the Quay-Sea […]

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Dealing with Unwanted Attention

Be it catcalling, stares or just straightforward verbal/physical abuse – we need to be the bigger person and learn to manage it. I’m not specifying this to be any gender but just generally speaking we are bound to face such situations. I know – its horrible. We can either get involved in it, avoid it […]

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Places to Go in Newcastle

Newcastle is such a beautiful city here in England. Its filled with history, picturesque buildings, lovely nature and just friendly people. Its no joke when Newcastle is named the happiest city in UK. I’ve never once felt like I should have picked a different city. With my family coming over for my graduation and vacation, […]

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5 Long-Haul Flight Essentials

In two weeks, I’m going to be on another long haul flight. While I’m excited about where I’m going to be, the travelling time is going to be mental. Unless, of course, all the other bits and bobs work out – neighbours, entertainment, food, seat, toilet etc. I’m really just asking for the basics. I’ve already wrote […]

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5 Best iPhone Apps

Its a real shock that I have had this iPhone 5 since 2013. I’ve always been the sort of person to get a new smartphone very quickly. But this phone has gone through some real moments – dropping, water, crashing of software and things in between. Its safe to say that I’ve really bonded well […]

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Meal Planning Guide

Meal planning is definitely a great habit to cultivate – whether you’re trying to eat healthy, save money, avoid wasting food or make things easier for yourself. It brings some sort of an organisation to your eating. At the end of the round, you feel good about yourself. Keep it a week: It’s a lot […]

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