Hiking Lessons

In my recent trip to LA, I went on a hike. We’ve been meaning to go on hikes for a long time but the weather was just not very pleasant late December through early January. But we finally did it and took a trip down to Altadena to hike up to the Echo Mountain. The Sam Merrill trail that goes up to that mountain is a total of 5 miles. There’s actually an ancient ‘megaphone’ kinda thing that echoes if you use it properly. It was such a scenic hike. Other than the basic wearing of proper attire/shoes, I learned a few things and wanted to share them with you.

  1. Find a Good Partner: I went with a wonderful companion. Because the hike is about 5km roundtrip, you do not want to be stuck with someone and not enjoy the whole experience. While you may be good friends, it does not mean you’ll have the best time with them in every activity. You cannot even escape. Preferably find someone who has the same speed as yours. It is no fun if either of you are feeling pushed too much or not at all. Or go alone.
  2. Good Snacks & Water: It is annoying to think of lugging them up the hike, but you need them. We took turns in carrying the heavy backpacks (although I only carried it on the way down when it was less heavy). More importantly get snacks with good sources of protein like bananas, turkey jerky, smoothies. We also brought other fruits and so much water! Remember that you need some of that on your way back down too. We actually packed well.
  3. Fellow Hikers were Friendly: This always pleases me. The friendly ‘good mornings’, ‘hellos’ on the passing is so nice. Happy faces and sweet smiles is really pleasant to see when you can’t really tell when you’re reaching the top or the bottom (unless if you’re a frequent hiker there). It was also so great that families were there, their pets, old friends. I take a while to warm up because I generally avoid any contact with strangers but it was all good after the first ‘good morning’. Be nice.
  4. Take a Moment: We reached the top, walked around, found a nice spot overlooking the city, took pictures and ate. And then we just sat there for a bit. It was definitely an enjoyable hike up but taking that whole scenery in was so wonderful. Seeing how far we had come up and not feeling that much pain made us feel pretty good. We knew our bodies were going to be in so much pain the next day (so true!) but right then and there, it was amazing. We all need to pause and relax.


I definitely enjoyed hiking. I slipped and fell a little but it was all part of that experience. We played some silly games to not think too much about the upslopes or the time. We also managed to miss the cold as it was starting to when we reached the car to head back. I’m looking forward to hiking even more in the near future.

Have you been hiking? Any thoughts?

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