2015 Reflections

I am over a month too late in reflecting 2015 but the idea of it is never too late, I think. Overall 2015 was actually a pretty good year for me. I learned many things about myself through others as they were the ones who noticed those changes in me. I have grown a lot as a person personally positively. I am quite impressed with myself. (; So maybe, if you haven’t already, reflect with me.

I always thought I’m quite terrible at keeping friends or maintaining friendships. I still do. But in the past year I have learned that I naturally just let go of friends who do not make good impacts in my life. Not to sound mean or disrespectful, we simply lose the connection. Friendships are hardwork and they are not easy to come by. Sometimes you’ll know if you’re not going to click with someone and sometimes you just have to give it a try, and good or bad things may happen. I used to blame myself when friendships don’t go well. But I’ve learned that it takes two (or more) to make that relationship work. It’s unfair for just one party to do all of it.

Travelling is not all pretty like how the digital media is showing it to be. It involves a lot of money. Your budget is what determines your flights, accommodation, visits, shopping etc. Although the experiences you gain out of it is definitely wonderful, you have to think if it’s worth it. It’s okay not to travel when you’re young. It’s okay to take your time and save up and travel with a peace of mind. No need to rush. I learned that if you want to make time, you will make time. I travelled quite a lot in 2015. I was blessed enough to make a mini Euro trip. So so amazing! I was all about experiencing hostels but I think I’m ready to stay in hotels or maybe even Airbnb.

I was already looking forward to 2016 in 2015 because this is when I’m going to graduate. It’s not that I dread school or my course, I’m just really excited to finally go out and do it. Being able to apply all this knowledge outside my assessments will be wonderful. It was a good second year of university for me with a lot more interesting modules. It’s stressful but in a good, motivating kinda way. Now, in a blink, I only have a couple of months left. This is the final lap and I’m going to sprint through it in good spirit!

How was your 2015?

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