Topical Medication

Since my late teen years, I have always had some sort of ache in my body. I quickly learned that it had to do with the shoulder bag that I was carrying. It was almost qualified to be a Marry Poppins’. But it took me a long time to lessen the weight and also to switch to backpacks if need to. Being in trend and fashionable seemed more important then.

So when I came to England, my mum felt that it was important for me to bring all sorts of medication for the physical pain I’m bound to get myself in. My grandma tells me that I should keep trying until I find the right one or mix-and-match. She’s hardcore like that.  I think its best to see a doctor if it persists too long. I take the safe route. However I thought it would be nice to share my ‘reviews’ on the ones that I have. It is quite a range. I use them mainly for my shoulder, neck pain that I get from straining them or after working out. Starting from the top…

  1. PanaMAX Gel: It’s a gel (obviously) and it has a cooling sensation when you first apply it. Then a burning one like its working on the knots etc. It also dries pretty quickly but I don’t know why, it can get tacky as you rub on your skin and some sort of dried bits come off (like dried glue?). That’s my only complain. This gel definitely relieves my pain after a few minutes.
  2. Axe Brand Medicated Oil: This is multi-functional. I use it for almost everything  – from headaches, aches, and even to fall asleep. The menthol and eucalyptus components has a nice, calming scent to it (to me). It works once you start applying it. Being an oil it doesn’t dry quick and it can be sticky after a while. It’s my absolute favourite and I go everywhere with it, not this gigantic bottle of course.
  3. Salonpas Pain Relief Patch: I happened to throw away the box already but this patch does wonders. You have to apply it directly on the area that’s aching and it sticks like super glue. It also starts to work once patched and until all the medicated aspects of it dries up. But the only downfall is that when you want to remove it, you have to really go for it and strip it off. It’s going to hurt and hair is going to get ripped off. Or you can remove it in the shower (which I haven’t try).
  4. Air Salonpas Pain Relieving Spray: So this is the spray version of the patch mentioned above. I think this works better on your joints. You have to really shake it up and spray directly on the area as well from a good distance. Maybe its just in my head, but I don’t think the spray works as effectively as something you can feel quite substantially. As you can see I haven’t use this one since I got here, and it’ll probably be my last choice.
  5. Metsal Heat Rub Cream: Now, finally, this is a cream and as it says it’s going to give a lot of heat to the aching muscles and joints. I have only used this little and it doesn’t seem to have the best smell to it. It’s not as creamy as I expected it to be and is quite slippery (?). But it provides some relief to the pain that I have.

Cream & Gel

Please remember that these have not had any reaction on my skin but they might for you. So do try on a small patch of skin to see if you get any allergic reaction etc. Or read through the ingredients to be extra safe.

Do you have any medication to recommend? Have you tried any of these?

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