The Hype: Adult Colouring Books

Adult colouring books seem to have taken the teens and young adults by storm. I discovered these mid-2015 when I was just browsing a bookstore and got one even before I heard of it online. I can definitely see the appeal of them though and why they got so popular, so quickly.

I personally bought the Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford and was gifted the Tropical World by Millie Marotta for Christmas. I bought one because the whole discourse behind it was really attractive. We are all nostalgic beings and by default we happen to only remember the happy times. When I came across them, it brought back memories of primary school and how the only stressful decision I had to make was what colour to choose for colouring. I’m not good at drawing but I am good at colouring within the lines. The artwork in these books are so intrinsic and amazing! I get envious and then I get happy because I see that I can play a little part of bringing that art to life – through colours.

Adult Colouring Books 2

I don’t know if I can stand by the whole belief of how it helps to relieve stress. I get stressed when I colour wrong or if the colour palette is not going hand-in-hand. I understand the logic that it is the process of colouring. But I am determined to make them look pretty and its satisfying. But I enjoy the colouring aspects of it. For that moment, my focus is all there and watching it get completed feels good. Once I’m done, however, my mind switches back to all the other things I’m not doing etc. I suppose the stress of life is gone when you are colouring.

Now there are all kinds of adult colouring books out in the market. So tempted to buy them all but I’m controlling myself. It’s going to take me a long time to complete one book. I like to truly enjoy my time when I’m colouring – have some music on, pencils here and there. It’s real-life photoshop cause I get to play with techniques and styles. The hype is here to stay for me.

What are your thoughts on these books?

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