Type to Write: Sending Mail

We have come a long way to this digital culture. We live in such a highly digitised society that sometimes we are not able to disconnect from it literally. While I’m not against the progressive state of our beings, I hope we do not forget how things used to get done before. We love nostalgia that we seem to just customise the past to suit the present and the future.

I honestly don’t remember the last time I sent an email to my loved ones. I only ever send official emails and I feel that is understandable. But of course I send way too many What’s App texts, Snapchat stories to them. Its quick, accessible and easy. How amazing is that we are able to send images immediately and share that moment with someone? Technology and its advancements puts me in awe a lot.

However I love writing. I take notes in class instead of typing them out (the latter is quicker but I get to improve my writing speed and shorthand techniques). I write everything from grocery lists to daily plans. So naturally I love sending mail too. In my mind, I see sincerity, love and thought put into it. But I’m not going to judge you if you send me an email instead. I’ll still treasure it. It’s just my personal preference.

Type to Write 2

Postcards are just the best for this. I do not have the pressure of writing pages and I just get to write what I want to say – I miss them and bit of things happening in my life. The process of sending mail is neat. Choosing a postcard for that particular someone, bringing it to an actual post office or postbox, stamping it. The feeling of getting mail is also really great. It literally travelled across oceans and whatnot or even cities if you live closer, got stamped and went through so much. It has its own story to tell. Again it’s the nostalgic feeling that is getting played here. I try my best to make it a point to send postcards to my loved ones often. It’s almost selfish but when they tell me that they have received it, it makes me happy!

What do you think about sending mail?

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