5 Fashion Essentials

I like to dress comfortable, presentable and safe. I don’t go too out of my comfort zone. I’m not one to follow trends too. I wear Winter stuff all year around. When I first came to England, I was very amazed at having to dress according to seasons. I still am not very sure to be honest. Now you can obviously tell I’m not all into fashion. But even I’m very aware that Fashion Week is upon us. So I thought I’d share my 5 fashion essentials – well, basic essentials that I’m able to piece them with different outfits for different looks.

  • A white Oxford long-sleeved shirt: I really love Oxford shirts that I have it in a few colours. I’m usually not the kind to get the same item in different colours too. You can dress this up, dress it down. Wear a statement necklace around the collar while the top is all buttoned up. It also fits nicely and it’s actually quite flattering. You could even tuck this in to a skirt! Only downside is that you have to iron them.
  • A black pair of skinny jeans: I’m not a big fan of anything that’s too tight but I realised I need a basic pair of jeans that I can wear with all sorts of tops, blouses. You can fold the cuff for a more laid back look. Black goes with everything too.
  • A white pair of Converse shoes: I absolutely love my Converse. I wear them way too much but it’s all good. It’s comfy and the white keeps it simple and cool (ha!). Mine are dirty but not too dirty yet. But we can always wash it and have it (almost) brand new. I am wearing socks with those but I usually get the ones that are hidden. It makes thing easier to match. I like wearing these with my dresses and skirts too!
  • A chunky scarf: I get cold very, very easily. I’m always wearing some kind of scarf and my favourite is a chunky one. It keeps me all warm. I can bundle it, hug it and stay all cosy. The material itself isn’t too thick but it is when you bunch it up etc. But again a very neutral coloured one to keep it simple and neat.
  • A gold watch: I have actually gotten quite a few comments, especially from my relatives, whether my watch is for men. Well, it’s unisex. It is chunky and has some cool 3D glass that gives it a nice dimension. It has really good functions too. As you can see from above, everything is very plain. Even if I were to wear a statement necklace, it’ll get covered by my scarf and all of mine are silver/grey-toned. This pop of colour is just perfect for me. Watches complete all my outfits and my wrist would feel weird without one.
5 Fashion Essentials 2
Uniqlo Shirt, Gap Jeans, Converse Jack Purcell Shoes, ASOS Scarf, Citizen Watch

I should try to experiment with my style because I don’t think I have found one that I can call my own yet. It’s a way to express yourself and your identity. I am slowly getting into learning more about what happens in the fashion world though.

Do we share any of these basics? What are yours?

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