February Favourites 2016

February was an alright month for me. To be honest I did not get done as much work as I wanted to for my dissertation. It’s no one’s fault but my own and I hope to make March double good because of that. It’s been a little overwhelming with me graduating in a few months. But amidst all this, I managed to enjoy a few things in February. I must give you a heads-up: my favourites will be a mix-and-match of everything and anything.

  • Lacoste Slip-On Shoes: I do not know the exact name for it but they have new pairs February Favourites 2now! I never had a greyish pair of footwear and when I saw this, I loved it! They are so comfortable and easy to pair with all kinds of outfits. Its simple yet it makes a statement. I’m the kind to wear socks with shoes even if you don’t necessarily have to. I did with these and it made me have really bad blisters, making me bleed. It’s not very clear in the picture but the back part of the shoes have my bloodstains. I stopped and its a dream. It has a good rubber sole as well.
  • Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer: I love me some hand sanitizers and I have so many of them. I decided to have a break from the Bath & Body Works one and try this for home. I thought it would be very chemically. The one I have is the ‘original’ one. It has a nice refreshing scent to it and it lingers for a bit. It doesn’t dry out my hands either. It’s not gel and it is very liquid but that’s okay with me.
  • Origins Make A Difference Rejuvenating Hand Cream: This sinks in to your skin February Favourites 3quickly and it does not leave any greasy/oily texture. It definitely makes my hands feel so soft and well taken care of. It has a very ‘natural’ smell to it, if that even makes sense. I usually apply this before I go to sleep and I can still feel the product in my hands the next day. It’s soft, gentle and wonderful!
  • Kiko Velvet Mat – Satin Lipstick 610 Rosy Brown: It has such an old-school packaging and I love it. I remember back in the day when they used to sell lipstick cases that looked very similar to the cover of this Kiko’s. This glides on my lips so well and it’s moisturising too. I’m not a big fan of anything glossy, satin, shine for my lips. So I usually pat this down with a tissue or some powder on it to remove that shine. When I pat with powder, it lasts a lot longer too. You would need to touch up but it doesn’t leave that outer line of lipstick colour. I don’t know about the rosy part of this colour but it’s a good brown and I think it goes well with my skin colour. It’s so difficult to find a nude-neutral for my skin-tone. It has a vanilla smell that I don’t enjoy but the smell disappears quite quickly once applied.
  • Muji Ballpoint Pens: I’m crazy for stationery and I try so many types of pens, markers, highlighters, notebooks, papers. But I always go back to Muji pens. They have wonderful homeware, clothes range too. Their stationery range is so good! I have so many of their notebooks. They are simple and do their job very well. My favourite is 0.7mm ballpoint pens. They don’t bleed through of course and the pens have such a comfortable grip to them. Taking notes with them is the best!

Discovered anything you might want to try? I’d love to know your favourites too!

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