Thank you

We go by our lives meeting all kinds of people. Some stay, some leave. I believe that we encounter someone because there was something to learn from there/them. Something happened because of something else and in some cases because of someone – a chain reaction. It’s important to be good, regardless of the outcome. There’s a difference between being good and being stepped on. It’s okay to say you don’t like something. That’s the beauty of it, don’t you think? If we were all the same, I don’t think we would have progressed this much.

I’m always told by the people around me that I’m a very nice, good person. It makes me happy. It might make me a selfish person but if I’m doing good, people/things around me are good too. A positive energy is a must for me. I’m not perfect. There are people that I generally don’t like and I stay away from them or I’ll be polite to them. That’s not being a hypocrite, that’s just keeping a safe distance from becoming a hypocrite. I really hate confrontations though. I’m mindful of the things I do and say. I feel that it’s important to do that to keep in check of your mind, soul and body. I always think about how I’d feel if my actions were reflected back on me by someone else.

Becoming this person that I am now is definitely because of people I have met, things I have experienced and so on. I thank them wholeheartedly for it. They are the usual suspects like my family, friends, teachers. It has not been a smooth journey here. I don’t think I’d want to change anything about it because that would mean my personality might get tweaked too. It’s also important to be thankful to the people who serve you at eateries, clean your school/workspace/accommodation, cab drivers, and everyone we pass by who do their best to help ensure our existence is at its best. It takes a lot of hard work, patience to do certain jobs. It makes their day when you thank them or even simply smile at them.

Who would you want to thank?

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