Get to Know Me Tag

I do really strange faces when I take photos.

This being my birthday month, I thought it would be nice to share a bit more about me through this tag. I actually really enjoy reading/watching tag posts/videos and I hope you do too!

  1. Cannot leave the house without? A watch. I’m really okay with not having even my phone with me but a watch is necessary.
  2. Favourite makeup brand? I’m not a makeup-kinda person. I do love anything to do with lips though. MAC, maybe?
  3. Favourite Flowers? Again, not a flowers-kinda person. I like looking at them but I’m not a big fan of receiving them. I like the occasional chrysanthemum.
  4. Favourite Clothing Store? Gap, ASOS, UO.
  5. Favourite Perfume? Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin.
  6. Heels or Flats? Flats all the way! I’m getting into platformed heels now but always flats if I can get away with it. Sneakers even better.
  7. Do you make Good Grades? I suppose but not good enough.
  8. Favourite Colours? I used to like blue but then I moved to green. Now I’m really into the black-white family group.
  9. Drink Energy Drinks? I used to drink Red Bull so much back in Singapore. It gave me so much energy (as you would expect), I was super jumpy and everything. I stopped when I came here because I didin’t find the gold canned Red Bull and now I just completely stopped.
  10. Drink Juice? Homemade juice, yes. But I love smoothies better.
  11. Like Swimming? Well, here’s a shocker, I don’t know how to swim. When I was young I think I was swung into the beach (for laughs) and since then I feared swimming. I even skilfully skipped all my swimming lessons that were compulsory in primary school.
  12. Eat Fries with a Fork? Nope! Fingers. Pizza too, and burgers. The taste is so much better when you use your own hands/fingers. Make sure they are clean, of course.
  13. Favourite Moisturiser? Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. It sinks in well and it keeps my face hydrated. But I don’t know now. I’m seem to be getting some strange bumps on my skin and I don’t know why. I might be changing this soon.
  14. Want to get Married later on in Life? Yes.
  15. Get Mad Easily? No. It shocks and surprises people when I do.
  16. Into Ghost Hunting? Actively, no. But I have been to haunted hospitals and such back in Singapore. I enjoy paranormal movies etc but it scares me so much. I still watch them though.
  17. Phobias? I’ve always thought I’m afraid of heights. I’m actually afraid of falling down from high up. I’m also really scared of blood like when it’s from other people, and in big quantity. I faint. I still don’t know what’s my blood type and I’ve never done a blood test. I’m dreading that day.
  18. Bite your Nails? Nope.
  19. Had a near Death Experience? Yes. Two cars crashed into each other when I was right about to cross the road. Another was inches away from a highway accident in my family’s car. The latest one was when the driver almost collided into the car I was in but my friend managed to swerve away very safely. I don’t have a license and I’m really afraid to drive a car now.
  20. Drink Coffee? I do but only to keep myself awake. I guess it’s the alternative to the energy drinks. It gets me all jumpy too. But I stopped for a long time and I recently drank a little bit. And I got all shaky, my heart started to race fast. It was not good.

I’d love to know more about you too and I’d be happy if you answered any/all of these questions!

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