I’m sorry

On Tuesday, I posted about being thankful. It is only appropriate to write about being sorry and being able to say that you are sorry.

I always worry about hurting people who are not even that close to me. But somehow it was okay to easily get mad or upset at those I love wholeheartedly. It’s the taking for granted that makes me do that. But as I grew up, well after hurting many people I treasure along the way, I realised that’s such a dangerous thing to do. Life is so uncertain and that scares me a lot. I’m not a saint and I’m nowhere near that. But again, I’ve become a lot more mindful.

It’s funny how things work out. Something hard has to hit us before some sense gets knocked into our heads. I’ve lost people. It’s unfortunate but I have to live with it. However that does not mean I have to live like that till it’s my time. I make sure I don’t hang up a conversation when either of us are upset. We might not have completely solved the problem but it’s no fun to end a conversation in a bad spirit. You carry that vibe throughout the day and even to the next – both you and them.

We quickly say ‘sorry’ when we accidentally bump into someone in the streets. But it takes so much in us to apologise to someone we have hurt – intentionally or unintentionally. Is it the pride, ego? It does not make us any lesser of a person. ‘Sorry’ is a magical word. It lets the other party know you feel bad about the situation and it allows you to gather back your sensible thoughts. But I think the more powerful tool is adding the ‘I’m’ to it. I feel it makes it all the more genuine and sincere.

I know the pain and hurt that I have caused to the dearest people in my life. I may be forgiven but it’s not easy for all that to be forgotten. So I always strive to make happier memories with them hoping for that to outweigh the negative. I try to be conscious about my words, actions to my loved ones (and others). We are only humans. I’m truly sorry.

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