365 Questions Journal

This journal is pretty amazing. I got this back in 2014 and I’m not going to lie. I have not been filling it in each day since then. I definitely missed the two summer vacations that I spent back home and when I travelled. I did bring it with me but I was having way too much fun. It’s much easier to remember to record when it’s right beside my laptop. Back home I rarely stayed in my room, I spent time either with my family or my friends.

365 Questions Journal 2I know there are plenty of capsule journals now. But this 5 year journal asks you very interesting questions each day. You can choose to answer that or create your own. I’m back to thoroughly enjoying it. I think I have been on it more since the start of my third year. It’s really nice to see what I answered one or two years back (for now) and also how my handwriting has changed. It’s a nice little thing to see how I have progressed, changed or remained the same in the way I look at things. It brings back memories of why I wrote a certain answer that year – the feelings and emotions in there.

  • Do you need a cold shower?
  • What expression do you overuse?
  • Should you trust your instincts?

I highly recommend you to get this if you’re into memory-keeping, journal-recording and that sort of things. It’s a nice little size that you can bring it around in your travels and fill it up if you’re unlike me. You can even add little notes if you’re answering that while on a trip, after a date etc. It makes me all warm and fuzzy unless when they ask me tough questions.

What do you think? Do you have another type of capsule journal?

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