5 Travel Essentials

Travelling became something I craved for when I came here to study. I really wanted to take advantage of where I was and travel to the cities around me. In the journeys that I have taken I learned a few things that I want to share with you and as a reminder for myself too.

  1. Travel Adaptors: I wish the whole world used the same sort of plugs and made all our lives easier. But that’s not happening, so you need this. I have a little pouch of all the different adaptors that the world can throw at me and I just bring that with me. But if you know which particular one is needed, you can bring that alone to save space/weight.
  2. Sandals: If you are staying in hostels, you need them. The number of times I got grossed out by the state of the bathrooms is just painful. I also just wore them around in the room because it’s going to be a mess and you don’t want to step on anything you don’t want to. Besides you don’t want to be wearing your shoes or even your socks, let your feet breathe.
  3. Socks: So I made a terrible mistake of bringing just 3 pairs of socks for 6 days (or something like that). I thought I could wash them and get them dried overnight. I was wrong. It rained a couple of days and I only brought one pair of shoes too! It was so bad and so uncomfortable. Socks really don’t take up that much of space. Have one for each day.
  4. Copies of Important Documents: This is really important. I took photos of my passport, ID, visa, emergency contact numbers. If my phone got stolen/lost, I had them in my Google Drive and my family had access to it too. If I couldn’t access that, I had hardcopies too. So there was something I could have done either way. You need some form of identification when you are in a foreign land.
  5. E-Register: I’m not sure if your country offers this service, but the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs has this where Singaporeans register their travels online. So if there were to be any unrest, danger or if you get into any trouble etc, they will be able to contact you and/or your emergency contacts. Be sure to check out if you have this and always do so.

What do you think of my essentials?

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