Types of People in a Group Chat

I think it’s really neat that What’s App now has a desktop version that we can all enjoy. So much for “I’m going to keep my phone away so that I don’t get distracted by texts and whatnot”. Now you can text people without looking down in lectures – just pretend to be excessively taking down notes. I never do this but I have seen quite a few people who do.

  1. The Missing. This is almost me all the time. I’m in quite a few group chats and it all gets overwhelming very quickly. By the time I construct my thought into words, people have already moved on from that topic. So this person seems to be nowhere but they are reading all of the texts that are coming through. They send the occasional thumbs-up to plans that are being made and reply when they are called out for explicitly.
  2. The Planner. I think it’s safe to say that we have a planner in almost every group. They take the initiative to organise meetings, booking a restaurant, seeing which date and time works for everyone. If you don’t reply, they will hunt you down in a separate private chat to get your response. They will also check when were you last seen, or if the message has been read by you.
  3. The Sharer. They send you random memes, gifs, videos, links your way. The Planner is most likely going to be the admin of the groups but they generally tend not to start a conversation later on. But this Sharer does so through their randomness. It might be silly, offensive, weird but that’s how that group chat is going to get/stay active. They also change the group name to funny ones or according to what’s happening.
  4. The Talker/s. You know how sometimes a group chat would somehow turn into a chat between just two people? They think why not just chat here and save their precious time of going back, starting a private chat with the other person. When this happens, The Missing is going to feel like they are eavesdropping and The Sharer is going to send some unnecessary meme to annoy you two. The rest of us really don’t want all that notifications coming through.
  5. The Unresponsive. This is completely different from the Missing. Because the Missing is there but just gives the illusion of otherwise. But Unresponsive here is just not there and refuses to scroll up and read through what has happened or discussed. This would make the Planner repeat everything and the Sharer to disrupt the flow by annoying the Unresponsive, eventually making the Talkers just chit chat amongst themselves. The Missing will just watch everything quietly.

Which is you? Who else are there?

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