Like many, I have a stationery obsession. I think it has even extended itself to become a problem. I’m an addict. It’s really bad because I just buy all the pretty notebooks, pens, markers, washi tapes etc and I don’t even use them. Why? Because they look so good in their pristine condition. But I also use a few notebooks for various matters – travel, expenses, ideas, appointments etc. I’m an addict and I don’t think I want to recover. Hah.

So I thought I should start a series all about planners first and how I use them. I’m not a big fan of using technology for my planning. I need to physically write them down because I enjoy that and it helps me remember better. I also won’t have the excuse of looking at my phone each time and getting distracted by other things. The image you see above is just a snippet of a whole other story. I got the two beautiful 2016 planners in LA from Paper Source (what a place that was!). The smaller one is a monthly planner and the other one is a monthly, weekly planner with other bits and bobs. It was a difficult time when I was trying to find a 2016 planner because so many of them started in 2015 and I did not want all that. I wanted a fresh journal. The smaller one actually starts from August 2015 but I clipped all that up to January 2016 to avoid me from flipping through that each time.

I use the gold/black planner to write in all my appointments, meetings that are happening for sure. While the turquoise one is for my weekly/daily planning where I enjoy writing down all my to-do lists etc in. I also use the monthly spread in that to plan out my time especially for my dissertation process. The plus is that I can actually fold it and not worry about breaking the spin. Now for the purple Leuchtturm1917 up there – Bullet Journaling. Somehow I got sucked into that beautifulness in YouTube and blogs. I’m really new to it and I’m still working around it. It’s all about enhancing your productivity and putting all your many notebooks into this one journal. The best part is that you can customise it to your needs. Furthermore you can start whenever. I’m definitely not going to use it for my yearly/monthly/weekly/daily planning, although it seems like that is what its best used for. But I don’t think that would personally work for me.

I have so many requirements that my planners must meet. But I think it’s important to find one that works for you to make sure you use it. You don’t have to stick to it like glue but it should ultimately be useful and flexible too. I’m aware that it’s already mid-March and I’m here talking about planners. You don’t need to wait until the start of a new year to get or start one. This shall be my little (but rather long) introductory post of my planners and I will go in-depth into each in my future posts to come.

Let me know if you would like to see anything in particular!

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