Which Emoji Am I?

I have been doing some mad content analysis for my dissertation work on emojis. So I thought it would be quite a good one to do this for myself. Started by Troye Sivan on YouTube, you have to pick 5 emojis that represent myself and explain why. We are seriously drowning in so much technological matters. This was no easy task with so many emojis that are available today.

Which Emoji Am I 2

  1. This girl doing that ninja pose is my most used emoji on anything. I use that when I say something that I shouldn’t but I had to, say something that I think it’s funny but it’s not, do something that I think is the best but probably not. So clearly I use this as a defensive emoji and being a non-confrontational person, this is me.
  2. Thumbs-up is my way of ending a conversation? Like “Yes, I got it.” Or showing my support for something. I also feel this represents me because I’m all about the positivity and good vibes.
  3. CATS! I have been a cat-person all my life and I was terrified of dogs. But in my recent trips to LA, I met some sweet dogs and I think I can share some of my love with them but more for cats though. I start and end my days by watching some cat videos. It always makes me smile and I feel that’s a good way to begin and wrap up a day.
  4. As I had mentioned plenty of times, I really enjoy travelling. I know the struggles of it but when I manage to strike off a place it feels so good. I know that I earned it and did a lot of work for it. I hope to explore this world even more. It has also made me feel that I have learned so much about others and myself.
  5. I’m a stationery person and my post on Monday was a tiny piece of evidence. I love writing. I enjoy it so much and I did not even know there was this emoji. Ironic that I say this by using an emoji.

A tedious task but an enjoyable one. I think I should start using more emojis too! But taking all that time to search for a particular one?

Which emoji are you?

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