(Current) 5 Food Essentials

We all love food. I am quite a safe eater meaning I’d rather eat the same delicious food that I’ve had a million times before than try something new. I know that I have to actually try it first to make it my favourite later. But I stick to something when I’m happy with it. On the occasional times, I do try something and then I’m disappointed and blame myself for not getting the other dish. Or I try what my loved ones are having and if it pleases my palette, I get it the next time. That brings me to this – my current food essentials. 2 out of the 5 are my all-time musts to be honest.

  1. Garlic – I had always been afraid of this little thing. It is packed with such a strong flavour that I always stay away from it and I didn’t ever eat it. But I recently started using this in one of my chicken dishes. When cooked with butter and some vegetable stock, it is delicious. I let it steep really long and it’s so tasty! But I have only been doing this with that chicken meal, so I don’t know how I will feel about it with other ingredients etc. Like I said when I find something good, I stick.
  2. Risotto – Okay. This one takes just about forever to cook and be right. As evident in the recipes that I have posted like this and this and many more to come, I’m all about the simple life when it comes to cooking. While I say that, I really enjoy risotto! It’s obviously so filling but so tasty with lemon, cheese etc. So I usually cook a good amount and keep it for two meals or so.
  3. Almond Milk – I really like almond milk. I can’t drink dairy milk anymore because it actually makes me kinda sick physically. So I have talked about getting good packed coconut water briefly here and this applies here and everywhere. I used to get another almond milk but when I got into the habit of checking the ingredients, it was full of strange stuff. I add it to my cereal, granola, smoothies and of course have it as it is.
  4. Dates – Mega essential! It is filled with all the good nutrients and it is so good!! It amazes me when people don’t like it. It’s sweet! I don’t think it’s too sweet though. A wonderful energy snack and sometimes I add to my smoothies too. I have had dates all my life, especially during the fasting month. It does come with a pit, so be careful about that it if it is your first time. It may get stuck to your teeth etc, but it can be easily fixed.
  5. Crushed Chilli – Super essential! I love all things spicy! That’s one thing I miss a lot when I eat out here. It is just very vinegar-y and they say it’s spicy? I can handle super spicy food and I appreciate it. I have a high tolerance for it. My whole family loves spicy food. So much so that my friends don’t believe me when I say something is not that spicy, because it usually is for them. I add this to my dishes whenever I can and I can go overboard with it. But it’s the flavour that I’m going for and not trying to burn off my mouth. I love it! It adds a nice colour to food too.

I’d love to know what are your food essentials!

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