The One with “Friends” Personalities Explained

I completely love this show and I adore each of the characters. When there was a reunion of the cast, I thought there was going to be an episode to explain what happened to them. But sadly it was just them coming together to talk about the director. It still pleased me to see them together (minus Matthew Perry). I have watched and will continue to re-watch the episodes multiple number of times. I also understand some of the jokes even better now. I have been thinking a lot about why each character is such and thought I would share them with you. In no way is this an in-depth analysis or real even but just a simple one for some light reading.

  1. Phoebe: This quirky little one. She’s the main one who had the worst childhood – homeless, her adoptive-mother committing suicide, no real relationship with her twin, or her birth-mother. Her broken past explains a lot about her adult life. She’s very passionate, believes in the silliest of things to get through the day, difficult in holding any real love relationships until much later and finds it easy to have transitional ones.
  2. Joey: He’s a playboy. Being the only son with 7 other sisters, probably made him a lot more comfortable with females but fails to make them last. Has a strong knit family and that could explain why he eats so much because of all the loving! He doesn’t have much of an educational background and so doesn’t know a lot of general knowledge. So he continues to see future in his acting career but refuses to change path or improve himself.
  3. Monica: Younger sister to Ross, she wasn’t favoured as much as him. Ross was deemed to be a miracle birth for his parents. She wasn’t recognised in her family dynamics and that makes her very competitive in all aspects of life. She also had self-image issues from being unhealthily obese. This stems into her OCD of having things in place and clean to as though reflect herself in her surroundings. She wants children to be the mother she never had.
  4. Ross: The PhD holder of the group, he’s clearly the nerd. He has always been bullied in school for not being athletic and loving to study. Having been the favoured, pampered child of his family, he finds it difficult to accept defeat and must always be right.
  5. Rachel: She’s the classic popular, rich, hot, spoiled girl. She doesn’t do any housework, cleaning and wants to be treated like a princess. She wasn’t a great roommate. This is evident when she worked as a waitress and was really bad at it but did not feel any remorse. She eventually works in the luxury fashion industry. If she hadn’t run out of her wedding, she would continue to be like her sisters.
  6. Chandler: He masks his sorrow, awkwardness and anger with humour. Although he had a bad family when he learned about his dad sleeping with the busboy and then becoming a transgender, he comes from a wealthy background. His mother who writes popular erotic novels doesn’t make it easy for him. So he has difficulty expressing his feelings and also being with women.

What do you think? Do you have anything to add or subtract from this?

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