28 Things in 28

I turn 28 today. In true blogger style, I thought it would be nice to share 28 things I have done or learnt in my 28 years of living. I want to really focus just on this past year but add some overall life stuff too. I definitely have loads but I thought I just keep to this 28 that comes to mind and not edit much. I hope some of these connect with you and also allow you to know more about me.

  1. I enjoy living on my own.
  2. I got to travel to some amazing Europe cities!
  3. I love yoga.
  4. It takes me forever to start on projects/ideas.
  5. Grocery shopping is fun.
  6. I adore matte lip products.
  7. I’m terrible at applying eyeliner.
  8. I don’t jump on trends as much as I thought I do.
  9. I always make my bed once I wake up.
  10. I like platformed heels.
  11. Travelling alone is fun.
  12. I’m pretty independent.
  13. It’s okay not to please everyone.
  14. ‘Friends’ is really my all-time favourite show.
  15. I don’t keep up with the latest movies, music.
  16. I can’t wait to graduate and start working.
  17. I love my dissertation topic.
  18. I constantly evaluate my friendships.
  19. It’s okay not to have a bestfriend.
  20. Netflix is so bad/good for me.
  21. I have a serious cat-obsession.
  22. I actually don’t fear (some) dogs.
  23. My Tamil is deteriorating.
  24. People are really competitive.
  25. I don’t like being messy.
  26. I love rough-scratchy voices/singers.
  27. I have actually achieved (a few) things in life.
  28. Turning 30 is not scaring me.

Do you relate?

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