29 Things in 29

I did my 28 in 28 yesterday. I want to do this 29 in 29 as sort of focuses that I wish to embark/start/complete. It would be nice to look back on what I wanted to do by 29 when I was 28 and see how my thought process might have changed etc. I don’t want it to be major life bucket list but things that I can (mostly) achieve with a few challenging ones. They are also open-ended to give me the freedom of attaining them.

  1. Find a job.
  2. Visit Brighton.
  3. Develop my blog.
  4. Learn my camera better.
  5. Complete all 365 entries in 365 Journal until 22 Mar 2017.
  6. Read 29 books.
  7. Read all sorts of things.
  8. Get better at another language.
  9. Get a driving license.
  10. Save.
  11. Learn to say ‘no’ without reasons.
  12. A family picture at my graduation.
  13. Throw if need be.
  14. Plan better.
  15. Relax more.
  16. Find my skincare routine.
  17. Get better at using eyeliner.
  18. Use new things.
  19. Don’t wait to start.
  20. Watch more TED talks.
  21. Find a good handbag.
  22. Find my style.
  23. Portion control.
  24. Write more.
  25. Show my love more.
  26. Be calmer.
  27. Cook more.
  28. Understand the Internet better.
  29. Feel bad less.

After writing down this list, it feels really good. It’s only a guideline and I think that’s why its good. I don’t see them as goals but like I said earlier, just as things I want to focus on. They seem more like lifestyle changes. Future Benazir, it’s okay to change/update them or otherwise. Because you would have achieved other things as well.

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