5 Good Habits

We all know when something is good and beneficial for us. But the difficult part is to cultivate that into a habit. I have read and heard countless number of times that you just have to keep doing it to make it into a norm. While I agree with that to a certain extent, I think it’s more than that. I fall out of habits when I skip a day or two and then it takes me forever to get back on it. I believe that you have to want it very much to make it stick. Here are my 5 good habits that I think that makes me productive and feel like an adult who has her stuff together. These are things that I have not fallen out of for years already.

  1. Making my bed: It’s such a simple task but it feels so good. When I’m getting out of bed, I make sure that I make it all pretty. I don’t have that many cushions/throws on it and so it doesn’t take that much time. It also feels so nice when I get in it at the end of the day. This also disallows me from getting into bed any other time because I don’t want to ruin it.
  2. Washing up dishes: I’m not going to lie but I have left some dirty dishes overnight way before. But the next morning, it’s so annoying! It almost gives the sense as though I’m starting the day unclean. So I always ensure that I keep the kitchen top clean. I don’t have a dishwasher here but I feel like things don’t get as clean as they do when I use my hands anyways.
  3. Breakfast: I used to skip this meal for more than half of my life. And honestly it did not bother me. But when I started working and now in university, that energy is so crucial for me to start the day. I also usually go to bed thinking of what I’m going to have the next morning and I wake up hungry. I tend to snack less when I have a good breakfast too. There are also all those health benefits.
  4. Clean desk: My desk is usually a mess when I’m working on assignments etc. It also gives me the false sense of productivity. Hah. But I always, always make sure that I have my desk back in order – neat and tidy – before I head to bed. So when I start the next day, it gives me a fresh start with a fresh mind. No clutter.
  5. Empty inbox: I’m not the kind of person to have hundreds of unread emails/messages. I keep it to zero before I head to bed. I check them when I switch on my laptop the next day. I also have my notifications on and so I delete certain emails immediately when it shows on my desktop. It lets me take a few seconds break from whatever that I’m doing too. I tend to clear any notifications that I have pending on my phone as well.

From this list, I realise that I like to start each day sort of on a clean slate and end the day completing some things. These eventually help to make me more productive. It’s all in your vibes. They are also relatively simple tasks and so they don’t haunt me as much when I don’t finish a paragraph on an assignment. Good ways to procrastinate. (;

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