5 Favourite Food YouTubers

We all love food. I’m usually really fine with eating the same meal every day and then there will be a time when I will get tired of it. That’s when I scour through Internet for new meals to try and possibly become something that I eat for a long time. So here are my 5 favourite food YouTubers and may you adore them as much as I do… I almost must say that I started following them when they had way fewer subscribers and I feel really cool about that.

  1. SORTEDfood: Literally a bunch of lovely guys (plus other people behind-the-scene) who are having so much fun in the kitchen cooking up all sorts of food (hey!)! They make me smile/laugh every time! They make cooking less tedious and more exciting. They have dishes for everyone. They are also so creative with their videos and they throw in some musical bits in if you fancy that!
  2. The Domestic Geek: She knows how to spice up a dish multiple number of ways with one foundation. So you just have to get the basic ingredients and then have fun with it. She caters to all sorts of dietary requirements and she is always so chirpy and adorable! I love her hair. Her recipes are incredibly easy to follow but oh-so-delicious.
  3. Byron Talbott: Now if you want to impress somebody or throw a classy meal together for people, he’s the man! Such fancy food that you can cook at the comfort of your home. He knows his stuff and he shares his tips and tricks with us. The way he works with the food (like just the hands-shots) look amazing (very artsy).
  4. Donal Skehan: What I really enjoy about his channel is that, he’s so passionate and enthusiastic when it comes to cooking. He moves around in his kitchen fast and the way he talks about food makes you almost taste it in your own mouth, full of expressions. I was so excited when I saw him on TV and told my family how I “knew” him. Hah.
  5. Deliciously Ella: She has great recipe books out, her blog is beyond amazing and YouTube is something she started much later. She’s very different from the other four – she’s a lot more chilled. She takes her ingredients from the cupboards as she goes on, she spills stuff on the counter but that’s how we cook at home. So it’s nice to see that from her! Her dishes are vegan but they look and taste so great! You could fool people.

Check them out and let me know what you think! Who are some of your favourite food YouTubers? 

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