What’s in my Bag? (London Day Trip)

I made a London day trip earlier last week. I was unable to get a reasonable priced train ticket and I had to take a coach instead. It was such a long journey but I felt that I had the basics with me to keep me prepared. Because I knew I was going to have a limited space. If you’re struggling on how to pack for day trips, maybe this might help you.

  1. Herschel Backpack: I’m a backpack bag kinda girl. It’s easy, I can chuck all sorts of things in there, the weight is balanced off on both my shoulders. This one especially has really good compartments, pockets for me to organise my items accordingly. Its great that the main zips are ‘covered’ and this makes it a little safer and looks sleeker too.
  2. Victoria’s Secret Makeup Bag: This was my very first post on this blog and I’ve linked it for your viewing/reading pleasure because I literally just had the same contents.
  3. Fossil Wallet: This is clearly an essential. It has all my loyalty cards, bank cards, ID with some cash in it. I had my Oyster card in there too.
  4. Packet of Tissues & such: This is a handy tip for you. I used to put these in my makeup bag and it just took up too much space or they would float everywhere in my bag. So I just have my wet wipes, face wipes, tissues secured with a hairband.
  5. Portable Power Bank Charger: I think we all need this wherever we may go. It’s difficult to get around when your phone is dead especially in a different city/country. In hindsight, I should have also brought my cable because the coach had the outlet and I could have comfortably charged.
  6. Happy Plugs Earphones: I’m no fan of the new/now iPhone ones but I did adore the iPhone3G earphones. The new ones go deep inside your ears and they aren’t comfortable for me. So I get the regular ones and here’s another tip: I always get earphone sponges and I get them in different colours. So I use one colour for the right and another for left, and not only do they keep them clean but also its easy to identify which is which. This one came with that case – so handy!
  7. Food: I brought with me energy bars and a banana. I took the coach reaching London at 7.30am and leaving at 10.40pm. So I knew I wasn’t going to be hungry or whatsoever. But it’s good to keep such handy snacks in your bag to be safe. I reached London late and so that energy bar and banana served me well.
  8. Water Bottle: I mean you could just buy one but this is again for the travel and it’s a lot easier (& cheaper) than buying one. It did make my bag heavy but by the end of the day, my bag was alright.
  9. Pen: My iPhone was dying and my portable charger was almost out of battery and I had my coach reference number in there. So I quickly wrote it down on some packaging that I had. But luckily I managed to have my phone last until I got back home. It was so close though. You always need a pen.

What do you think about my packing skills? 

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