Making the Most of Lists

Reading and watching all those planners is making me want to improve my handwriting so much! I think my handwriting isn’t so bad when it’s all capitalised because I always write like that after secondary school except when I shouldn’t. I digress, we hear all about making lists and how it gives us a sense of accomplishment when you cross/tick something off it. But your lists itself need to be crafted properly for you to achieve and feel the best. Keep them in sight to keep you focused on them. I also explain how I plan over here and you can check that out too!

  • Prioritise: It’s not useful to list out everything that you have to do for a day (e.g. shower, clean, trash, laundry etc etc). Because when you have actual important items in there and you don’t strike them off, you don’t feel much because you have done all the other regular stuff. You do not need a pointer asking you to shower for the day. It’s about making your time work for you.
  • Be reasonable: Don’t complicate things for yourself and feel bad at the end of the day. Make plausible items like plan out next week’s blog posts for one day and the next day be photos for all blog posts, 200 words for an essay each day and so on. You won’t feel so disheartened and you achieve more little things.
  • Categorise: Don’t dump everything into one list and feel overwhelmed. Have different lists and that’s alright. To-do, to-buy, to-research, to-plan and this will allow your day to be a lot more organised and productive. Or maybe even as home, university/work, leisure etc. It also helps you to see how you are doing on each aspect/category and perhaps push you to do better for one in particular. Maybe colour coordinate if you still want it all in one list.

Useful? Any tips from you, maybe?

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