March Favourites 2016

March has been quite a good month. A lot of it was just Easter break but I also managed to get more things done regards to my dissertation. I’m feeling happy about that but there’s a lot more to be done. Taking some time off with my blog writing. So here it goes…

  • External Hard Drive Protective Case: The number of hard-drives that I have spoiledMarch Favourites 2016 - 3
    and lost all (!!) of my data is just mental. I have had this one for a couple of months and it’s going really well. It is bulky but I don’t mind that at all! The outer bit is all hard and the inside has a nice soft-cushion backing for the hard drive itself. It has neat pockets inside and outside where I keep my SD cards, cable.
  • Fresh Sugar Lip Polish: My lips were so dry and the skin bits were just getting reallyMarch Favourites 2016 - 2 bad this month. There are many DIY sugar lip scrubs but I don’t think I can make it like Fresh. I’m not going to tell you that you can eat the sugar when you’re scrubbing it cause I think that’s rather strange. This is gentle, does a really good job and leaves your lips super moisturised after rinsing it off.
  • Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm – Sultry: So creamy, easy to apply yet a very nice matte. This is a nice dark rosy red-pink that suits my skin tone great. It does have a pepperminty feeling when you apply it but it quickly goes away. I won’t say its long-lasting but I don’t mind that too much because it’s so comfortable. It usually leaves some stain behind.
  • Essential Oil: I got this specially made and gifted to me with so much love! It came all the way from USA. I love it. It’s mainly rosemary with a mixture of other wonderful things. Because of all the stress that I’m in with university, this first class oil helps me to calm down, relax and feel much better. Best thing ever!
  • Trader Joe’s Reusable Bag: This lovely thing I got in LA is getting used a lot more now. Its pretty, sturdy, spacious. While the handles aren’t the most comfiest, I don’t mind it much. I tend not to buy too many things anyways and I can always have some in my backpack too. I used to have it all in my backpack but I think this is more sensible.

What are some of your March favourites?

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