3 Favourite Fashion Models

In my Fashion Essentials post, I talked about how I’m not all into the Fashion scene and that’s very true. But I am getting very interested in models, but more often their life outside their modelling career. It’s just something about seeing people outside their “identity” that makes it all very fascinating.

  • Alexa Chung: I adore her a lot. She’s candid, she’s fierce, strong, passionate and just so cool. It started with me watching her series on British Vogue YouTube channel that was all about the Future of Fashion and the industry itself. She’s witty, smart, funny. I love her hair!!
  • Karlie Kloss: Again, it was all because she got her own YouTube channel and she shares all kinds of stuff. This girl is sweet, charming and so soft-spoken. She’s also so humble and you almost feel like her friend. But when she gets in front of the camera to model, she knows her stuff. While she does not do everything about the videos on her channel, she does the vlogging herself and that takes a lot of effort – considering her busy schedule.
  • Lily Aldridge: To be honest, I don’t know much about her as much as I do with Alexa and Karlie. But she’s the model I look out for every year on the Victoria’s Secret Show. She seems sweet, calm and collected but she’s so hot on the runway! I really like her name too. Haha. So I only know her from her career itself. She needs to get on YouTube!

Do we like the same models? Who are yours?

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