How to Stop Procrastinating (Less)?

Because there’s really no way we can stop procrastinating completely. We are only humans and honestly its good to take some time out to just not do anything productive. But sometimes we go too deep that we watch our lives pass us by. That’s not good. Here are some tips and tricks on how to procrastinate lesser…

  • Time It: You’re done with drafting your whole essay or a paragraph, watch a 30 minute show or go through your YouTube subscription box and watch them. Do all those simple to-do things: sweep, clean, rearrange. Its quite relaxing and you’re getting things done too. But keep it to only 30 mins. It helps to rejuvenate you and you can look forward to the next 30 mins.
  • Face It: You know all those lists and planning that you have done, have them visible and not just somewhere in your journals etc. If your journal is the type where you can remove the pages, that’s great – pin it somewhere that’s directly in your vision. Otherwise write them up in post-its and paste it on your laptop itself. When undone things are staring at you, it makes you guilty enough.
  • Embrace It: So you’re already in Season 7 of a show that you started a week ago. Its okay. We’ve all been there but the thing is not let it make you feel terrible about it. It has hit you really hard about how much time you have ‘wasted’ already. You enjoyed the show and who knows you might use that in an essay or two later on. You’ve acknowledged it and now it’s time to get things done.

Simple ideas but definitely not that simple to execute. Just keep going at it and not get pulled into some scary dungeon of unfinished work at the last minute. Good luck!

Do you have any other tips?

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