3 Netflix Originals to Watch

Isn’t this ironic, don’t you think? Oh Alanis. Well, you can watch these shows when you want to take that break from work etc. I usually don’t start on new shows because I know I will binge-watch. The thing is to understand yourself – need not completely – but the bits and bobs about yourself. There are so many great Netflix Originals and there’s not enough time. I did my best to pick only three for now.

  1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: It was because of Tina Fey that I checked this show out. Tina Fey hasn’t disappointed me till now. Kimmy was held captive for 15 years and when finally rescued, everything is new and she only has her positive vibes to get her through. It’s refreshing and light-hearted. It reminds us to retain some form of innocence with strength and look at life in good light whenever possible.
  2. Master of None: After watching plenty of Aziz Ansari’s shows, I had to check out his series. This show does away with the studio-laughter/claps, background music to fill the silences. This was at first a bit odd for me to watch but it allowed me to enjoy the show and the comedy on my own terms. It follows America-born Dev, first-generation Indian immigrant, in New York trying to make it as an actor. It tackles one issue at a time with a lot of depth to it.
  3. Orange is the New Black: Pretty sure almost everyone knows about this show. It is with good reasons though. 99% of the cast are females and the issues they go through in jail with snippets to their backgrounds are shared. It’s strong, passionate, and surprising/shocking. Exaggerated or not, it definitely scares you. Its all very well taken.

Have you watched any of the above?

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