5 Favourite Lifestyle YouTubers

Recently I wrote about my favourite Food YouTubers and I really want to share my Lifestyle ones (particularly those with below 500k subscribers).I figured those over that mark, you guys would probably know them but the rest need a little bit more boost. I’m always on the look out for smaller YouTubers because I think its nice to encourage them and see them progress! I’m aware almost 500k are also quite big YouTubers as they do it as a job but they deserve so many more and they put in so so much effort!

  1. Lily Pebbles: Lily is so real! She does her job with a lot of passion and seriousness. She’s not afraid to speak her mind about how she is. She always want to try new things when producing content and that’s inspiring. She does not feel the need to follow trends or content to get more subscribers etc. She gives the confident and independent vibes.
  2. ViviannaDoesMakeup: Anna does definitely more than that. I came across both Anna & Lily around the same time. Their friendship makes me smile so much and I love when they do videos together. Anna is so sweet and adorable. Her laughter is contagious and her fitness videos are so super inspiring. She ease into things with gradual progress and that’s nice to see. Its also very human. Her fiancé and her are too cute! She makes me want to be even more productive.
  3. MeganBatoon: Megan is just really hilarious. She’s a great dancer and every time after I watch her dance videos, I feel like I should join a dance class. I’m glad that idea disappears quickly. She’s quirky and full of energy. The energy tends to transmit through the screens and makes me more excited about the day too. I love that her videos inject humour in (even in her dance videos) and you just feel good at the end of it.
  4. sunbeamsjess: Jess is so stylish and I just want (almost) everything that she wears! Her lookbooks are so artsy and intense too. In my favourite list, she’s the only one who is currently attending university and doing YouTube on the sidelines. So I don’t mind when she’s unable to upload on time/regularly. She has such a sweet, soothing voice.
  5. Hailey Devine: Her videos will just awe, wow, woah you! You’ll know that all that was from a lot of time, effort, hardwork, practice and everything in between. They are just so pretty and wonderful and great to watch. Her family is just the cutest too! I only recently discovered her and I binge-watched so many of her videos at one go! I definitely want to create nice videos (not to her expertise but you know).

I just realised that I created my own online all-females clique! This would be such a great group, seriously. I love how each of them bring their own flavour, personality to the platform and while they may evolve, their core identity is still there. They also tend to influence their viewers, or at least me, to do more and try more.

Do you have your own online-clique?

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