What to do after Graduation?

With just months away from graduation, or maybe just a month because I’ll be done with Uni in May, many students must be panicking or being clueless. If you already know or have your plans confirmed, I’m super happy for you. I can only imagine how the plan/s must have changed along the way.

  1. Further Studies: There’s always another stage of studying in this day and age. You could contemplate applying for Masters, a year-long course etc. If you are still unsure about this due to financial constraints or to even study further but have some thought in you, apply anyways. Most applications are still open and you can apply for financial aid. It could be a back-up plan or if you are accepted and you don’t want it anymore for now, you could ask for a year deferment if they offer. Maybe you can work part-time and study full-time or vice versa.
  2. Employment: This might be the next step for many. Its time to brush up your resume then. If your university offers help in looking through your resume or have workshops for it, be sure to attend those. They are a huge help. Read up about cover letters. A template can only get you so far. If you are already doing some work experience, internships, find out if you have the chance to continue with them after graduation. Or if they could recommend you to others.
  3. Travel: You studied hard, you saved up as much as you can. Go and enjoy yourself. There are so many ways you can travel and still sustain yourself nowadays. Work while travelling, volunteer while travelling. Be sure to know about the visa issues in any case. Bust those myths and be prepared. You might find out that you want to continue what you are doing while travelling.
  4. Entrepreneurship: You want to have your own business. This is a big one and if you have been thinking about this, you must have some ideas already. Work on them. Think about finances, core of your business, starting points, legal issues, registering as a company. Spend some time building up on your idea each day and keep that momentum there. When you work on your own/for yourself, you need that. No matter how big or small others may think, its big for you.
  5. Take a Break: You still don’t know what to do after graduation, go back home. It’s okay to say that. Or if you can’t go travelling, that’s okay. You can do some part-time jobs for cash. But it’s important that you do not lose hope. Continue to try new things (hobbies, activities), don’t recoil into your room. It’ll be okay.

Good luck to all of us.

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