10 things I love about LA

  1. All of the colours everywhere: I found such excellent photography chances!
  2. Glorious food: Their American food is just too good.
  3. Entertainment/media hub: Need not say more to this.
  4. Types of people: I met and saw all kinds of people. Some scared me and some amused me, but I’m happy that I met many of the rest.
  5. Brands of items, clothes, makeup etc: I just got excited when I saw brands that I won’t be able to get either in Singapore or England. They would also be cheaper!
  6. Cultures: Singapore is filled with loads of cultures and I saw a different side of this in LA and it was pretty interesting.
  7. Breakfast foods: I know I already said food earlier but their breakfast foods – theirs was so great and I love breakfast anyways.
  8. Places: There are the touristy places and then there are just places. Both of these categories had amazing atmospheres. I kept stumbling into new ones each time.
  9. Friendliness: People are way too friendly, especially the ones that I have met – including strangers. It was a little awkward for me but I warmed up to it.
  10. Opportunities: This is endless and its a jungle out there. But you have to seize the moments and go for it. It motivates you for sure.

I never thought I would actually love LA despite all the crazy things that I’ve read, seen, heard. I must definitely give all the credit to the people I was with who allowed me to experience such wonderful things there. This post would be so long or filled to the brim with photographs but I had to stop myself. One of the best destination that I have travelled to for sure.

Have you been to LA?

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