5 Lip Essentials

The one beauty product that I’m obsessed with is lip-anything! Tinted lip balms was the first beauty thing that I started with and only in my 20s did I discover lipliners, lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, lip crayons and more. My lips get dry really quickly and they need to be always moisturised and hydrated. All my lip products need to cater to that. I love, love, love, love wearing lip liners as lip colours! I love mattes and I want them to last long.

  1. Lip Scrubs: My favourite is the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish and it appeared in my March 5 Lip Essentials 3Favourites earlier too. Sometimes I forget to put on a lip balm after because it feels good even after rinsing it off. This is really important to keep your lips levelled when you apply lip colours.
  2. Lip Balms: I’m not lying when I say I have tried so many balms. I need them to be conditioning, moisturising, and not leave any gloss. This is Nuxe Rêve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm and that’s no joke. Its a good one to apply overnight and the product will still be there but I apply it throughout the day when I’m home. It smells nice too!
  3. Pinkish Brown: I got to MAC Soar Lip Pencil party really late. It is draggy when you apply it but the colour is so beautiful. It colours in nicely and it lasts pretty long too. Because its quite draggy, you tend not to mess it up very easily. It smells like a colouring pencil and I oddly enjoy it. Its difficult to find a nice pink-brown lip colour for me and this works great on me.
  4. Berry: I was quite nervous to use a berry colour  but I went for it 5 Lip Essentials 2anyways. Kiko Automatic Precision Lip Liner in 513 works really well on it. It really helps to precisely colour in your lips. Its creamy and long-lasting. It has a blender on the other end but I have never actually used it. It can be sticky because its so creamy but I get pass it quickly.
  5. Pinkish Red: Sometimes I don’t want to go all red and going all pink will not work for me. So Lord & Berry 20100 Matte Lipstick Pencil in Prelude is great for me. While it says its matte, there’s definitely shine to it and that makes it really comfortable to apply and wear. But I’m not a fan of the shine and its deceiving in the shops when swatched. I pat on some powder on top to make it matte and that helps it to last longer too.

I’m aware that the three lip colours are quite similar. I like the Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Sultry too (again very similar)! These colours adapts to your  lips depending on the natural lip colour that you already have and your own skin tone.

What are your lip essentials?

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