How to be a Morning Person?

Initially I thought that I am night person and I need the night to do work and be productive. Then I spent my days procrastinating and wasting a good amount of time when I could have completed a lot more work. But I always wake up early and go to sleep really late, just did not do much work. This was taking a toll on my body too. I just don’t see it yet. But in the last couple of years, I have come to realise that I have more than 12 hours a day and getting things done earlier makes me feel really good. It starts the night before…

  1. Go to sleep before midnight: Once midnight hits, I count that as a new day. With all honesty, I still go to bed really late and this is something that I want to work on. I try to stay away from any digital stuff before bed. I have a good sniff of a medicated oil or essential oil. It calms me down.
  2. Prepare your lists the day before: I go to bed thinking about two things: breakfast and my lists. Sometimes I get nervous thinking about all the stuff I need to get done but I usually put a positive spin to it. I think about how much I’m going to get done and that excites me. Look forward to a brand new day.
  3. Set a reasonable alarm: I automatically wake up around 6am no matter what time I go to sleep. Then I wanted to push myself even more and set an alarm at 5am! This was mental. I kept snoozing my alarm and I felt tired when I woke up eventually. The little sleep you get in the mornings only makes your body exhausted and things get dreadful. See what time you naturally wake up, set it at that time. If you wake up really late, set the alarm 30mins earlier than usual and decrease it eventually to your desired time.
  4. Water & Breakfasts: You have lost a lot of water while sleeping, so get hydrated. Add a lemon to make it tastier. I’m a big fan of breakfasts. I don’t usually have big dinners and so my breakfasts are so important to me now. Sometimes I go boring with toast with butter, bread with spreads/eggs/salmon and sometimes I go a little further with this, this, this.
  5. Watch/read something happy: I am one of those people who look at their phones once waking up. I always like to go to bed feeling happy and waking up happy. I avoid reading any news notifications (they are usually negative). I go to 9Gag and scroll through that. Its silly and there are so many cat gifs! Its important to start the day on a positive note.

What are some of your ways in becoming a morning person?

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2 comments on “How to be a Morning Person?

  1. I was kind of in the same boat. Staying up late was taking it’s toll on my mind and I ended up not getting much done. I have been getting better at going to bed and waking up at reasonable times. I think what helped me stay on schedule the most was getting our dog, Beatrice. If I take her out, I have time to sleep my 8 hours and must take her out again. It keeps me accountable! Obviously getting a dog isn’t a solution to sleeping problems, but it surprisingly helps me. Haha!! I MUST work on water though. I’m like, chronically dehydrated 😉 :O 😦

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva


    • Its so true! Waking up and going to sleep at reasonable times so important! Aww that’s so sweet about Beatrice! Some people use an app on their phone to keep track of their water intake. Thanks for commenting, Stephanie! xx


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