All about Hair Removal

You know I wish I never started shaving my legs. My friend told me about how smooth my legs would be if I shaved and I wanted that. What she failed to inform me is that I would have to shave for the rest of my life and its not going to be smooth even for a full day! My legs were already smooth with all that hair I had. I was never conscious about it. Underarms are a must for me. I know of girls who don’t and there’s no hate from me to them. Its really just your preference. Always exfoliate before you attempt any of the hair removal ways. It helps to remove any dead skin and makes it easier.

  1. Shaving: I use a shaving gel and it has made my life so much easier. It also gives a closer shave. I used to just use soap but that was horrible. I heard using your hair conditioner might help but I need a good foam. I wasn’t a big fan of the moisture blades that came with the shaving blades but I really enjoy them now. 5 blades also give a better shave than the 3. A standard shaver is really fine. I got the Gillette Venus Swirl but I honestly don’t see how it has improved my shaving experience.
  2. Threading: A special technique where a thread (I think its a special thread) is used to pull out hair from its roots. This is perfect for facial hair. Its really precise and while its pretty painful, after the first few pulls, you get used to it. Some skin might get yanked out. It’s also much quicker than plucking. Hence the pain does not last so long.
  3. Waxing: This is so horrendous and messy! Whether you wax strips or the hot wax, your skin is getting covered with the wax and there are higher chances of you stripping your skin off! Its like putting yourself through torture voluntarily. I might sound a little dramatic but its true. You will also have to pull it against the growth of the hair to get the best results. Be extra careful if you have sensitive skin too!
  4. Creams: This might seem like the least painful, harmful method but I was so wrong and its tedious. I have very sensitive skin and these creams always burn my skin off. I actually managed to get rid of some skin. Initially I thought the burning sensation was how it should be but when I talked to others, I was wrong. I tried various brands too and they were all the same to me.
  5. Bleaching: This is good for facial hair, only if you have light skin tone to already begin with. It did not work with me at all! It basically lightens the hair itself to make it skin coloured (technically not hair removal). This was a bad idea for me because the very next day I was out in the scorching sun and the brightness just picked up on the bleached area. There was some tingly sensation but it wasn’t too bad.
  6. Epilators: I have not tried this and a few of my friends vouch for this. It apparently slows down the hair growth and gives the best results. Some say it is less painful than waxing, some say the stinging feeling goes away and some say its pain you have to go through with. The noise that it gives frightens me as well. I also worry that skin will get pulled off!
  7. Laser Hair Removal: Again something that I have not tried. It’s really expensive and you have to keep going back for a few sessions before hair almost completely stops growing. I have not researched much about this mainly because I doubt I will ever do this.
  8. Sprays: I also got the hair growth inhibitors and ingrown hair remover sprays. I did only use them for a month or less and then I stopped. I don’t think I saw much result but I think I want to try them again. I don’t remember it giving me any pain except a cooling sensation.

Always, always apply lotion to areas that you have removed your hair. Our skin is delicate and we make it go through a lot. Lets take care of it as much as we can.

Have you tried any of these hair removal methods? Thoughts?

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