Party and Gift Ideas

Parties (or get-togethers) and gifts need not be extravagant or expensive. They can be affordable, intimate and just as wonderful. I take great joy in organising such events and the best part for me is the gift(s)! I appreciate any gift that I’m given and I’m actually really okay with not getting anything. Good time spent with good people is more than enough.

I spend a lot of time and effort in them because these are the people I care a lot about. If you are looking for ideas for any celebration, here are some that are tried and tested and succeeded:


  1. Scrapbooks/Storybooks: Photographs, special events/milestones achieved together and reflecting back on these is so heartwarming and moving.
  2. Video: Get all of the special people in their lives to say a few words about them or just even a simple wish. A visual treat.
  3. Jar of Happy Thoughts: Fill a jar with happy, silly, funny, weird stuff that the person can read one per day (a month, two or even 365). It helps them to start their day with a smile across their face.
  4. Birthday cards: Do-it-yourself and add both of your little quirks in there.
  5. Always Listen: When you ask someone what they want, they rarely tell you. So always listen when they tell you about how they really wanted to get a book but they didn’t, they really want to go to a theme park but they didn’t etc. Pick up on those.


  1. Recreate their Child/Teen/21st/Specific-Time self: Have a go at their old photographs with the help of their parents and help them travel back in time.
  2. Karaoke: Make sure everyone gets involved and not escape by saying they are bad at singing. Its just for fun!
  3. First Impression: If its not too big of a group, go around in a circle and share your first impression of that person – good or bad.
  4. Whose Line Is It Anyway? This is such an awesome show and you can pick-edit whatever games you want from there to suit your needs.
  5. Never-Have-I-Ever: A classic game and let that be a time to get to know each other even more and the other people that you might have just met. I don’t drink and so we played this by drinking water instead and we weren’t allowed to use the bathroom. Painful.

What do you think about these?

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