10 things I love about Singapore

I recently did a post on things I love about LA here and I thought it is only appropriate to do one for my own home.

  1. Passport: Our passports are rated to be one of the best in the world with access to almost way too many countries. We are pretty welcomed everywhere!
  2. Airport: Again, we have the best one here. Its so clean, spacious, smells good, beautiful artwork/sculptures. The Skytrain within the terminals are always on time.
  3. Food: The advantage of having multi-faith/race community of people living together is that they bring their awesome food in.
  4. Festivities: We get to celebrate all the major holidays together as a country – Chinese, Malays, Indians, Eurasians. This allows us to get more knowledgeable about each other’s beliefs etc. We are pretty harmonious.
  5. Customer Service: Because Singapore is such a touristy place, our customer service needs to be top-notch. This is especially true for telephone customer service. We get served in reasonable time and our concerns are taken care of.
  6. Neighbourhoods: We have mini ‘villages’ for Indian, Chinese, Malay communities. You can eat their food, learn about their culture, buy their clothes/etc and take such great photographs!
  7. Growth: Singapore is an island. We do not have a separate capital – it is literally Singapore for both ‘Country’ and ‘City’. The amount of progress that we have had is truly magnificent and mind-blowing. It is definitely inspiring.
  8. Lee Kuan Yew: He was truly a treasure and such a charming, strong leader too.
  9. Loved Ones: ❤
  10. Shopping: It is no joke when I say you can find most brands in Singapore and its amazing!

I would highly, highly recommend you to visit Singapore. I always advise my friends to make it a mini Asia trip and travel to countries nearby at the same time too.

Have you visited Singapore before? Thoughts?

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