The Hype: Cat Cafes

I completely love, love, love cats! From the big jungle ones to the domestic ones, young to old – I can’t wait to have one myself! It’s just something about them that made me fall in love with them since young. I love watching cat videos, I go crazy with my friends’ cats and just… cats. We have so many stray cats in Singapore and I will literally just stop and try to pet them, maybe just watch them a little. Such divas, they are.

So naturally I was so super excited when I heard all about the cat cafes and the popularity that they were gaining. I had to check them out and I have been to two for good measure. I will not be visiting cat cafes anymore, anywhere. The hype is over.

I’m constantly learning about cats, their behaviours and attitudes now. In both cafes, cats didn’t seem particularly happy. The cafes were not spacious, too much clutter, kids were being rough with the cats and kept trying to wake the ones who were sleeping. The cats kept running away and the staff had to bring them back in. They seemed to only seek comfort and familiarity with the staff for obvious reasons. The customers weren’t allowed to carry or feed them. We were allowed to pet and take pictures.

Cat Cafes 2

I honestly feel that these cafes should control the occupancy and kids below a certain age should be extra monitored. It’s really great that these cats are up for adoption and we get to interact with them. The cats were, obviously, so adorable and wonderful. They didn’t mind too much when you try to pet them but they avoided it as much as they could. But I don’t think the environment was ideal for the cats. I would be really stressed if I was a cat.

Have you been to a cat cafe? How was your experience?

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