5 Feelings of Dissertation

If you’re not aware already, despite me talking about it non-stop, I’m in the midst of completing my dissertation. These are just condensed down to 5 feelings that I experience with dissertation – in the hopes of calming myself down and also to calm you down if you’re tackling some big project at the moment too! It’s also really short not to stress ourselves up even more.

  1. Panic – This has to be the first and most experienced one. I panic about everything – title, spacing, referencing, content, timing, not sticking to the schedule, limitation of words, peer pressure.
  2. Happy – Happens rarely. “Look at this! I made it till here without doing anything mental!” At random times, I feel really proud of my topic and how unique it is.
  3. Disappointed – Questioning myself, my decisions in life, wasting time, still wasting time.
  4. Stress – “Great. I have 10,000 words and yet I still do not have enough words! Everything that I have written so far is all wrong too!”
  5. Mixture of the above – “I do not have time! Why did I have to pick a research question that has no literature out there?! Oh wait – I’m pretty cool like that. Argh. I should have kept to my scheduling! I need to rewrite everything but at least it’ll be better.”

Yes, I do talk to myself quite a bit and it’s becoming an issue. Ultimately its about taking a step back, gathering yourself and giving it your best. Good stress is good. Don’t give up. We progress naturally. All the best, you guys!

Involved in any big task? Feeling any of the above with me?

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