5 Ways to Relax

We must always remember that we are only humans. We must rest and take time for ourselves. Treat ourselves – small or big – it’s encouraging and it really just makes us feel really good. That’s really important to keep going at life when it throws rocks at us.

  1. Shopping – I’m not one to shop a lot but when I do, I go crazy. New things do not necessarily equate to feeling good. But getting tangible things remind you about the time when you worked so hard to get that.
  2. Reading – I’d recommend feel-good ones because you’re trying to relax and you do not need to be stressed out by a book. Unless if you’re into that, go for it! This does not even have to be books, they can be comics!
  3. Re-watching – Again, feel-good ones that you absolutely love! I say re-watch because you won’t get addicted to a new series and end up procrastinating, and if you’re willing to re-watch something means you have good memories attached to it. Mine is Friends.
  4. Yoga – I absolutely love yoga. It can be a bit challenging at first but once you get the hang of it, your body just naturally flows into the poses. Your mind is not wandering about other matters. At the end of the session, you actually feel cleansed.
  5. Pampering – Your body and mind is always working for you. It’s nice to give that a little rest by taking a good long shower/bath, get some music on, intense skincare and everything. Do all the steps that you would normally skip – masks, exfoliate, massage.

What are some of your relaxing ways?

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