What I’ll Miss about Uni

In just under a month, I’ll be done with university. 3 years has gone by so quickly and it’s been such a ride – mostly good with a few bumps. I had this amazing opportunity to study abroad. I’m truly grateful and blessed. So naturally it’s the time where I start to reminisce and here is my list… My awesome friends and cool lecturers are a given.

  • Long breaks: I spent a good amount of time doing my work but the rest of it – I got to travel, explore, go out and just be mostly free. No more that.
  • Lectures: I actually really enjoy them. I love taking notes, learning. I love the atmosphere of it. It feels a bit more powerful to be in a lecture than a classroom.
  • Weather: I’ll take this cold weather anytime over the hot madness back in Singapore! Sure, it rains (that’s my least favourite) and can get super windy. But that just means I get to wear my scarves, coat! Love that.
  • Time: I’ll miss the luxury of time once I graduate. I had the luxury of time to plan, think etc. Things will move a lot quicker once I graduate and get a job.
  • Discounts: All the student discounts and offers… goodbye.

What did you miss when you started working after studying?

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