Lessons from Living Alone

I’ve lived in an ensuite room with a shared kitchen, lived with 2 other housemates (shared kitchen, bathroom, common space) and now I live alone (ensuite with kitchen). I have learned a few things from living alone for over a year now and wanted to share these with you if you are thinking of making that move or want to.

  1. It’s all you: You have the responsibility of everything and there’s no one to share those chores with. If you’re, like me, who needs, wants and likes keeping their space clean and tidy – this won’t be an issue.
  2. It can just be you: When you live alone, you’re alone. You need to take the extra effort to hang out with people because it’s very easy to just cocoon yourself up. But it also lets you be comfortable in being alone in situations.
  3. Complete space: You have the absolute freedom to do up your place however you like. You can sing and dance to your favourite tunes. No one’s judging you.
  4. Out of control: Because no one’s judging you, it’s very easy to just do nothing. Eat unhealthy, waste all of your time and energy on nothing. To live alone, you definitely need a lot of discipline to maintain yourself and have a good lifestyle.
  5. Power: You get to impress people. You become comfortable with yourself. You learn so much.

I really, really enjoy living on my own and it’s been an amazing journey. I get to try new things, recipes, workouts, yoga, better time management. I think I’ve become more adult from this. It’s amazing.

Do you live alone?

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