5 Beach Essentials

I’m not the biggest beach fan – mainly because of the crowd. But I really enjoy going there when there aren’t many people (avoid holiday periods) with people you love.

  1. Shades/Hat: Squinting your eyes is really bad causing wrinkles to appear earlier than it should. It’s nice to talk to each other without looking like you’re in a lot of pain.
  2. Camera: Taking photographs and videos in the beach is pretty neat. It’s a nice place to try out some time-lapse and have your own mini-photoshoots.
  3. Sun Protection Cream/Lotion: We go out to the beach when it’s sunny, of course. But we need to protect our skin or you could burn yourself otherwise.
  4. Music: Find a good spot, get comfy with your picnic basket/blanket and play some good music at a reasonable volume. Be mindful about people around you.
  5. Games: I’d recommend some card games like Uno, Risk or using a poker deck. Or even charades that require no or minimum materials. Chillin’ & playin’.

What are your beach essentials?

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