5 Bad Habits

We all have a bad habit or two or few, no judgments here. I wrote about good habits before. It’s healthy to slowly curb the bad habits and become a better version of yourself each day. It’s also good to face these head-on.

  1. Binge-everything: I binge on anything that is readily available to me – be it shows, food, shopping etc. I don’t pace myself and I burn myself out which forces me to delay on working on productive items.
  2. “New is always better”: I’m quoting Barney Stinson. When I want to start or get on something, I feel as though I need new things. New workout clothes, new notebooks, new clothes. Money isn’t easy. I don’t already use what I have to its full capacity.
  3. On the fence: I do sometimes get out of my comfort zone and try new things. But sometimes the fear wins. Trying new activities, adventures creating great experiences and memories is a good thing.
  4. Auspicious timing: This is going to contradict with #2. I get new things and then I take forever to start using them. I wait for the perfect timing. The novelty doesn’t get lost but I just wait forever.
  5. Not expressing: Love to my loved ones. I’m getting better at it and we have our own ways in sharing these feelings but I hope to make it more apparent. It’s nice to feel loved and I like giving those feelings to the people I love.

Share any of these bad habits with me?

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