5 Best Law and Crime Shows

I love me some good tv shows that excites and inspires me – especially the ones that make you want to pursue that profession yourself. There has been so many times when I thought I should become a detective, lawyer, forensic specialist etc. Maybe that made me write this post. Am I the only here? Here are a run down of a few really awesome shows that you can catch up if you’re into law, order, crime, solving puzzles. These are going to be some serious long-standing shows with multiple seasons and if you want something shorter, here is this for you instead.

  1. Castle – Put a mystery-novelist with a detective, you get humour, action and a real good thrill. After a while, the cases can get quite predictable as to who would have committed that crime despite that they manage to keep the fun up. The show is fast-paced and so you don’t realise an episode is finishing.
  2. Criminal Minds – Behavioural Analysts? Is this even legit? The show constructs it to be very appealing and an essential. Humour isn’t the biggest but the closeness of the team makes up for it. It can get quite saddening when they keep dropping/replacing good characters after you have formed a strong bond with them though.
  3. The Good Wife – A latest one into my list but I’m glad I came across this. It really makes you wonder about all the madness politicians and families go through. It also makes you question certain moves cases take and the bigger picture. There will be times when you won’t be sure if you really dislike a character or not. Grey areas.
  4. Dexter – This is quite a scary one for me. The intensity of Dexter and the things he would do to punish the guilty illegally – you really wouldn’t wanna get in his way. You start to sympathise with him and you would oddly want to protect him. The dry humour is pretty great too. Plus Dexter’s dreamy voice doesn’t hurt.
  5. How to Get Away with Murder – While I usually enjoy the flashbacks and whatnot, sometimes it can get quite repetitive. The team of law students and their professor and the crazy antics they get up to. There is always tension in the team and the plot. It makes you not want to trust anyone and question everyone’s motives.

I really, really, really would love if these shows (one or two) decide to collaborate on case/s! How awesome would that be?

Do we share a similar list? Got any others to recommend?

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