Being Prepared for Meetings

We are bound to either organise or attend some meetings of our own at some point in time. It is essential to get prepared and be prepared at these meetings. This not only reflects on you as an individual but also your professionalism, enthusiasm amongst other things. This can be in both schools/universities and workplaces. You want to impress.

  • Understand: Learn about what the meeting is for, who is it with, where and why is it being held. Most importantly understand what are you trying to get out of the meetings. You do not want to go in with no background and waste time for everyone. Or having to arrange another one and that will look bad for everyone.
  • Research: Once you have understood all of the above, research on what you want to ask/query about or what you have/might have to present to the people there. List them out and prioritise or sequence them to get the best results. You want to be succinct, and not repeating yourself.
  • Write: Some may say that they do not want to be rude by writing down whilst at a meeting. But it shows your interest in it and besides you do not want to miss out on anything. It is even better if you have developed your own shorthand to write things down quicker and for you to understand later. You won’t have to ask your questions again later if you miss your answers.
  • Action: Write down your notes neater, get on it as quick as possible. You will still remember the context of the meetings and maybe even other notes that you did not get to write down. Its best to get things out of the way while your memory is still fresh.

These are definitely pointers that I have been working with and has worked for me. Tweak them to fit with how you work as an individual or even better have your own system. Good luck!

Got any other tips?

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