May, June, July Favourites 2016

I’m still alive! I took a longer break than I intended but no regrets. It was my dissertation, and then fasting month and then graduation plus travelling with my family. It’s a fresh month and I decided to get back here now – by discussing my past months favourites. Things were pretty simple for those three months.

  • Pandora bracelet w/ Owl Graduate Charm: My friends are just beyond amazing. Two May, June, July Favourites 2016 2beautiful souls got me this for my graduation. They are beyond kind and sweet and adorable. Its so perfect too. I love owls, and it fits so well. It goes well with whatever I wear!
  • Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo: My main thing with dry shampoos are whether they are any powdery bits sprayed into my hair. This does but not too much like many others that I had tried. The scent is fresh and not overwhelming. It definitely gives a good volume too!
  • Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic Tortoise: My one and only shades and I love it. I aim to get pieces that are mostly timeless and goes well with my stuff – especially the pricier ones. Singapore’s hot weather and UK’s summer got me wearing this all the time. I got it adjusted a little for it to fit on the bridge of my nose better.
  • MAC Soar Lip Pencil: Completely enjoying this – I wear lip products to however I feel like rather than depending on the seasons. It’s just wonderful!
  • Enrapture Encode Totem Hair Styler: I got me some bangs and I feel like curls to my hair goes well with it. This is an amazing curler with the different settings depending on how tight you want your curls to be. It comes with a nice cover but it’ll be better if it came with a glove! There’s no temperature setting but it heats up quick. The end of it turns and that means you don’t get stuck when you’re curling.
  • Apple Support: I always run out of storage on my Mac and now its happening to my iPhone too. I tried searching for solutions online and on YouTube but I did not solve any. I left my details with Apple tech support and I get a call within minutes – they (most) are super helpful and polite. Their Twitter-people are very responsive too! It’s all free and reliable.
  • Snapchat: I got very into Snapchat the last couple of months and I’m super loving it. Initially it was mostly individual snaps to my friends but I’ve been posting more to my story! Enjoying the filters, learned a few ‘tricks’ – so great!

Here’s to an awesome August! xx

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