Brocksbushes Farm

I had never been fruit picking ever! My mum was the one who really wanted to do this and I had to find a place for her. The nearest one that I found was Brocksbushes Farm and I was beyond ecstatic. We aren’t driving here and we had to figure out the bus route etc. We got there but we weren’t there. A lovely lady gave us a lift to the farm, she was going there too, and it made life easier. A cashier at the Farm Shop showed us the directions to the bus “stop” at the end of the day too. Sweet people.

Brocksbushes Farm 2

It was 150 acres of greatness. It had a £1 entry and £1 refundable basket charge. It was blooming with so many beautiful strawberries. There were also raspberries, gooseberries, red and black currants, and blackberries! We were in fruit haven. We were all just picking so many beautiful fruits, especially strawberries. We did only find even more beautiful strawberries towards the end of the day. It was amazing affordable and now we don’t want to buy fruits from stores anymore! Hah. All the fruits were so fresh (obviously) and sweet and luscious and juicy and wow!

Brocksbushes Farm 3

It was a beautiful Monday but it was crowded because of summer break. But we had more than enough fruits for everyone. Windy, sunny and just a great day out. It was such a nice family outing with awesome stories to share later on. We definitely want to go back again!

Ever been fruit picking?

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