A Holiday Packing Guide

Oddly, I really enjoy packing but not so much the unpacking. The anticipation and excitement of it indicates my travel! The past 4 years has been quite a travelling period for me and I gathered a few pointers that’s been doing me good.

  • Plan Outfits: Have a few basic bottoms and a couple of tops, that you can mix and match. This is a basic tip but we tend to forget about it. This includes your accessories and shoes.
  • Shopping: Have space in your luggage to get clothes at your destination. Check out the outlet stores for the best discounts.
  • Slot in: If you are bringing any products (e.g. straightener, bottles), slot them into your clothes in your luggage. It fits into those spaces and it protects those items too. Do the same with tiny things as well.
  • Check-in everything: Except for your technology stuff, try to check-in everything, travel light and easy. Always remember to ask for the ‘fragile’ tag even if you don’t have anything fragile. I still had some items broken, so why not.
  • Tidbits: Have some with you throughout your journey and snack on them whenever you want. Protein bars, almonds, chocolates. This is especially important on long haul flights and transits. The food that they serve you on flight? Whatever that you have not eaten, keep them. I don’t mean the main meals – but like the biscuits, nuts etc.

What are some of your tips?

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