Meal Planning Guide

Meal planning is definitely a great habit to cultivate – whether you’re trying to eat healthy, save money, avoid wasting food or make things easier for yourself. It brings some sort of an organisation to your eating. At the end of the round, you feel good about yourself.

  • Keep it a week: It’s a lot more manageable when you have 5-7 days to plan. Don’t be too hard on yourself and get cooped up at home. Be flexible. Perhaps tell yourself that out of 7, you should eat at home atleast 4-5 days.
  • Have a variety: Initially I had one meal for 4 days and I got so bored with it. I did this to finish up all the ingredients. Plan for 3 dishes and mix it up through the week. Try your best to use similar ingredients in all but various flavours to spice it up.
  • Meal prep: While most of us enjoy cooking, we pretty much dread the clean up. So why not do the mess on one day and enjoy the fruits of it throughout the week? Assign a day to get all the ingredients cut, sliced, portioned, blended and have it ready in your fridge. When the day comes, whip it out, warm/cook/bake it up and enjoy it! Lesser things to wash up and lesser mess to clean up.
  • Be practical: Don’t go cold turkey and cut out something that you have been eating regularly – like cornflakes. Do it slowly and you can take this as a treat too. More importantly be more mindful of the portions. As you know your eating habits, work around that.
  • Have fun: Of course you need all the meals to meal plan etc. But play around with the flavours and make a few adjustments. You do not need to follow everything to the dot because you might not like garlic, or you’re not able to find that particular ingredient etc.

Have you tried meal planning?

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