Places to Go in Newcastle

Newcastle is such a beautiful city here in England. Its filled with history, picturesque buildings, lovely nature and just friendly people. Its no joke when Newcastle is named the happiest city in UK. I’ve never once felt like I should have picked a different city.

With my family coming over for my graduation and vacation, I became a guide but at the same time I discovered new places as well. Hearing my family speak of things here made me realise that I actually did not treat Newcastle as a foreign place, if you know what I mean. Its always wonderful to see the same things with new perspectives and people. We will be here forever if I were to go in-depth on the places, so I thought of giving you a concise list of places to go in and around Newcastle instead. At some point, I’ll go through some places in detail.

  1. Newcastle City Centre
  2. Angel of the North
  3. Durham
  4. MetroCentre
  5. Tynemouth/Whitley Bay & Tynemouth Market
  6. Quayside & Quayside Market
  7. River Escape
  8. Northumberland Park & Hadrian’s Wall
  9. Brockbushes Farm
  10. Jesmond Dene Pet’s Corner
  11. All of the museums – Laing Art Gallery, Baltic, Hancock
  12. All of the beaches/seaside – North & South Shields
  13. All of the parks – Leazes, Heaton, Jesmond Dene
  14. All of the castles – Alnwick Castle & Garden, Tynemouth Castle and Priory
  15. All of the cafes  – Quilliam Brothers’, Teasutra, Central Bean, Cafe Royal, Olive & Bean, Heaton Perk

I’m beyond sure that I’ve missed a ton of places. Add on, let me know because I’ve got about ten days left and I’d love to explore more!

Have you been to Newcastle?

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